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Expertly-designed tools for Pennsylvania Courts.

CourtPro provides eFiling, Case Management and efficient workflow automation all under one roof for Civil Court, Orphans' Court, Probate, and Marriage License and more!

new and improved

Our newly improved dashboard layout, interdepartmental workflows and State-mandated reports are designed to support a more efficient, modern court.

efficiency from start to finish

Imagine this: without a single sheet of paper or needing to step into a government building, a filing goes from the filer directly to the filing office. The filing then travels via automated workflow to Court Administration and the Judges themselves before returning to the filing department. The filer can even track the status of their filing every step of the way. 

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Your All-Encompassing Professional Platform

flexible and effective

Highly flexible, CourtPro is designed for both internal Court Staff and external Attorney or ProSe use.

Get the tools you and your staff need to manage the workload resulting from constantly changing rules and laws. 

Time-SAVING workflows

Save staff hours spent on laborious paper-based tasks, eliminate manual entry errors, and cut spending on costly envelopes, supplies and postage. With 24/7/365 eFiling, you will digitally expand your hours of operation while improving quality and speed of service to your constituents. 


CourtPro by Paperless Solutions Incorporated integrates seamlessly with third party applications your courthouse may be using, as well as any State system such as Guardian Tracking System (GTS).

Our talented Solution Architects will work with you to ensure you have exactly the tools you need based on your unique needs and requirements. 

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